Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Linden Homes - Tannery residents meeting 25th March 2014

A liaison meeting was organised today by County Councillor Bob Egerton between Linden Homes and residents living in or affected by the development in Grampound. It was a well attended meeting in one of the new units in the main Tannery buildings.

A number of issues were covered:

Individual issues with buildings requiring additional attention and repair were prominently discussed and a list of items were to be taken to customer services.

The adoption of roads and lamp posts were covered, including street lighting and the role of the new management company. A date for formal adoption by Cornwall Council could not be given but by comparison with other builds it may yet take a year or more. Until that time Linden Homes would be responsible for maintaining these public areas. The gravel path and grass around the southern perimeter of the development would not be adopted.

There was report of damage to roots along the boundary of a property in Oak Vale that has affected 4 trees. Three have had to be felled and a further pollarded. A site visit with a tree expert was going to be arranged by Linden Homes.

Boundary issues at the rear of Creed Lane properties were discussed at length including the ownership of particular trees emerging from hedges.

Walkways through to Fore Street were also discussed - one of which is open but hard to find.

Finally, plans for the area near the exit onto Creed Lane were discussed. Linden Homes said the boundaries will be fenced according to the landscape plans when the works on site are completed. The boundary around the old lime pits were also briefly discussed.