Monday, 3 March 2014

Notes from the Truro and Roseland Neighbourhood Planning Cluster meeting

Thursday 27th February

The meeting was Chaired by Emma Ball (Cornwall Council Community Regeneration Officer) and attended by Mark Taylor for Grampound with Creed. Several other Parish Councils were represented, notable Kea, Feock, the Roseland Group and Probus.

Discussions were led mostly by the PC representatives detailing where they were in the process, and passing on tips and advise to the other PCs who are less advanced.

Should Grampound with Creed decide to complete a Neighbourhood Development Plan it would have to fit in with the requirements of the Cornwall Local Plan (which isn’t expected to be finalised until the end of 2014/beginning of 2015. It would also need to take into account the National Planning Policy Framework and the historic development plans done by the old district councils. A grant of £7,000 is available to cover the consultancy and other costs, and there is also £9000 worth of consultancy time available for Cornwall Council.

Many of the PCs represented had not had difficulty in garnering local interest. At the heart of the matter seems to be building development and the provision of affordable housing within any development. However Footpaths, Business Units, Utilities and designated areas of development are also key.
The help is there form the County Council if we wish to proceed but it is acknowledged that, with the requirement for engagement from the local community, we shouldn’t just be doing one if there is no desire and no perceived need.

As a result of the meeting, enquiries have been made about the official statistics covering the need for affordable housing in the Parish. Cornwall Council’s figures suggest that 18 units are required, however the figures are a little out of date. The Tannery Development is only partially included in the new build figures provided and not at all in the affordable housing needs area (where the Tannery provides 12 units out of the 18 needed). Further figures are due in April and will be discussed in full council at that time.

This is a standing item on the PC agenda and will be discussed in more detail at the next full Council Meeting

Cllr. Mark Taylor

Hyperlinks for the Cornwall Local Plan
and the National Planning Policy Framework